Technetronic Corporation

providing quality
software solutions
to professionals
since 1997

About Us

Technetronic Corporation, a small privately held Texas company founded in 1997. Technetronic Corporation provides quality software solutions to professionals.

In 1997 we did as everyone else selling our software products outright and offering customer support. We heard more and more from the small firms and professionals. The complaint was that the purchase of professional commercial software was too cost prohibitive. Many businesses had forked out huge sums of money for products that just did not do the job. To further prove our technological abilities to meet client demands we changed our business model selling our products on a small monthly subscription basis.

We have to work extra hard to keep our customers happy because we know they can just stop paying at any time. This always keeps us on the cutting edge in providing the best software solutions possible. We fine-tune and add features to our software programs with ease and little bureaucracy. This is almost impossible for the big software firms.

Our environmentally friendly "paperless as possible" philosophy means less overhead, no product packaging or storage costs translating to better efficiency and the least expensive product in the industry.

So hereís how we are better than the big mega software firms:
1. You pay nothing upfront (SD4D excluded).
2. We have in house software developers who turn your software needs quickly into user-friendly product solutions from which all of our customers can benefit.
3. We have online and phone support available. Contact us for on-site support options.
4. You NEVER have to pay for upgrades because they are included with your subscription payments.
5. We offer 24-hour customer support. You might wake someone out of bed at 2:00 a.m. in the morning, if thatís when you call, but at least we will answer the phone.
6. There are few products that can boast of the many features our software can provide on a monthly subscription basis.
7. Our product is purchased using the trusted and secure Pay Pal. Just another way we cut in-house costs and pass the savings to you.
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Providing quality software solutions to professionals since 1997
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